Spirit Friends & Loved Ones

Spirit friends & loved ones

I recently met up with a long lost friend who I hadn’t seen for 24 years! Jill was my tutor, mentor and light in my life; she helped me to open up my psychic, spiritual and metaphysical Self. I never knew I had the talents, gifts and abilities until Jill taught me how to access them. It was wonderful to see her again and Jill was delighted to see me and our other dear friend – Karen, who accompanied us throughout the afternoon we spent together.

As you can imagine, we had 24 years to catch up on, we talked and talked and laughed  with each other, at times our eyes filling with tears as we caught up with each others life experiences.

The first thing Jill asked when we met was:

“How did you find me?”

She was a bit taken aback when I told her;

“Mike came through to me and urged me to reunite with you. He said the time was right to make contact and that he would lead me to you!”

You see, Michael, Jill’s husband, made the transition into spirit about 5 years ago.

I was meditating one afternoon (during the new moon in Pisces); sage incense was wafting around the room and candle flames were flickering and dancing around my crystal laden alter. Within my mind’s eye and inner voice I asked if any spirit friends and loved ones would like to speak with me.

“Is there a message that I need to hear right now?” I asked.

As quick as a flash, Mike came through to me. I was quite surprised myself to ‘see’ Mike and thought for a minute that my mind or ego was playing with me. I asked Mike to step into my auric field so that I could feel his presence. He immediately moved closer, I could feel him standing right behind me. The whole of my spine tingled.  I was confident that this really was Mike and that I wasn’t imagining it! Mike and I ‘talked’ in a telepathic manner for a while; our communication was strong and positive. He informed me that he had fulfilled his sacred contract with Jill, and that his departure was perfectly timed.

It was only through Mike’s visit and prompting that I set the intent to find Jill. It really wasn’t hard to find her, within 20 minutes of my contact with Mike, I had found a phone number and email address from the internet. However, I wasn’t sure how old this information was or if it was still active.  I thought to myself,  ‘Mike wouldn’t have led me to this information if it was of no use to me‘. So, I emailed Jill and to my pleasant surprise, she responded within the hour. Telephone calls followed and then our actual reunion took place.  The three of us, me, Karen and Jill, were like kids again; strangely, it felt like we had only seen each other yesterday! We will not be losing each other again; we are now going to meet up regularly and we have Mike to thank for this new start.

Who would you invite from the spirit world to sit on the bench and chat with you, would it be a family loved one, a friend, or even a spirit guide?

Spirit Friends jpg

Wishing you much love, light and happy times with your spirit friends.



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