Example of Working With The Natural Laws of the Universe and our Chakras to Manifest our Goals and Dreams: Colour Coded

chakra circle image           Universal LOA

  • We get the seed of our idea (law of incubation – we have to allow the seed to grow) eg; ‘I want to be a healer and teacher of healing’ (2nd chakra). We turn this idea over and over in our mind (6th –chakra; law of vibration – idea reverberates through mind); and your intuition about it feels right (gut knowing – 3rd chakra).
  • We develop a strong desire to bring our idea into form, we are really passionate about it (2nd chakra) and want to make it a reality; we totally believe in our idea, (1st chakra) our whole being is focused on becoming a healer and teacher of healing (law of attraction).
  • We know what is required to achieve our aim (7th Chakra) and we are doing all we can to realize our dream (law of action/cause & effect); and have the willpower to see it through (3rd & 5th chakras).
  • We don’t mind sacrificing our time and effort to manifest our idea because many others, as well as our-self, will benefit from our healings and teachings (law of compensation); we will be providing a valuable service to others (4th chakra).
  • We continually ask the Universe to assist us and to provide us with what we need (5th chakra); we express ourselves in terms of our desire (2nd chakra) and what we are doing (3rd chakra) to fulfill our request. We also utilize affirmations that empower our goal (law of vibration & law of attraction).
  • We visualize our goal daily (6th chakra) to clarify the details of what we want, shaping it into existence (law of perpetual transmutation).
  • The whole of our being is conscious of what we are creating in our life; we have the knowledge of what is required and understand that we need to work with the flow of the Universe (7th chakra) to manifest our desire.
  • We also understand that we may experience delays or difficulties at times however, where there are problems there are also solutions (law of polarity).

What, Why, How, When, Where?

So then, we know what our desire/goal is (Business/self-employment as healer & teacher – 2nd chakra); why we want to achieve it (service to others/improve lifestyle – 4th chakra); we know how we are going to achieve it (feed the seed of our idea with good thoughts, visualization, passion & belief in it6th & 2nd & 1st chakras); we have worked out a probable completion date so do what needs to be done when it needs to be done, to meet the completion date (law of rhythm – everything has a cycle); finally, we work out where we are going to practice healing/teaching in physical reality (hire a room, rent a shop etc.) when our dream goal has come to fruition and physically manifested (1st chakra).

This is how the consciousness of our chakras (our whole being) goes with the flow – of the Universe.

© Angela Simpkiss – Quantum Alchemy: All Rights Reserved

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