How Well Do You Know Your Soul self?

Do you conform to what society expects of you or, do you show your authentic self in your beliefs & actions?  More often than not we are a combination of these two aspects of self.

We tend to be many different things to many different people. We wear masks according to the people or situation we face. These masks include our ‘happy mask’, ‘victim mask’, ‘I’m in control mask’, ‘nothing wrong with me mask’, and so on.

Your Purpose

To live a spiritual, authentic, loving and successful life we need to get to know and understand our true essence .. Our Soul.

At some time during our life we have all asked ourselves, Who am I?  Why am I here?  where am I going?  There’s got to be more to life than this!  

We chose to incarnate in physical form to fulfill our Soul Purpose on Earth at this time. We each arrived with our particular unique gifts, talents and abilities to help us fulfill our Soul Purpose.

We all have important work to do while on the earth plane however, sometimes we become confused about what our Soul Purpose is! We think it is our career, our dreams and goals; but it isn’t about becoming the CEO of our company, winning awards or saving the world. It is more about affecting or influencing other people and the planet in a positive way.

It is my belief that our Soul Purpose is: “To be all that we can be; to live our lives in alignment with our highest good.” 

I learned about what my Soul Purpose was by going within and asking:

‘What is the purpose of my heightened perception/Psychic ability and healing gifts, talents and abilities?

I didn’t receive an immediate answer in the manner that some people do. There was no voice speaking to me or images or thought transference, there was just silence. However, over a period of three days the answers where sent to me via books, dreams and meeting people who happened to say just one sentence that resonated with me regarding the answers I needed.  I learned that my psychic abilities and therapeutic skills were tools to help me help others to discover their own gifts, abilities, talents and spirituality. I came to understand that my gifts, talents and abilities were not about becoming a famous Clairvoyant or Healer, but rather, my abilities were meant to help people to achieve their own Soul Purpose of being all that they can be.

Loving what you DoWhen you are not living your true Soul Purpose you may experience feelings of  low self-esteem, stagnation and/or  overwhelming tiredness.

When you start living your life to its full potential, you are in flow, energized and empowered. Life becomes an adventure and exciting.


I am currently doing what I love best…. Fulfilling my Soul Purpose by helping Truth Seekers and Free Thinkers to function to their highest possible values and norms, so that they can live a happy, fulfilling life and attain their highest potential.

Are you fulfilling your Soul Purpose? If not, what is blocking you? Go within for answers for all knowledge and wisdom resides there.

Soul Experience007


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