Talking to my Higher-Self

My Higher-Self Makes the Soul Visible

During deep meditation (in July 2017) I called upon my Higher-Self. Unsure how I would contact my Higher-Self, and not even sure if I would recognise if it was my my Higher-Self responding to me, I sent out love and asked ‘what is your name?’ I said ‘please tell me your name to make it easier for me to call you and speak to you.

I was  quite surprised and shocked when my Higher-Self answered me! I didn’t hear a voice, it was sort of like ‘thought transference’, I could see some of the words in my mind’s eye and the message I was receiving just seemed to enter my mind. This is what I received:

How funny of you to ask me for your name! This is very 3D of you; always needing names, and lists, and different compartments to place everything in it’s box. I understand and love you; and of course I will oblige with giving you your Higher-Self name. You will find that your Higher-Self name has been with you from the beginning and will always be with you with each incarnation. Your Higher-Self name is ‘KARA’ and it has great meaning attached to it. Do your research! You will find that this name holds the imprint and essence of who you are! Of course, as you ascend in consciousness, you will no longer need to call upon ‘Kara’, you won’t have a need for a name, you will ‘feel’ the closeness of your high-Self; you will know it is your frequency, your knowledge, wisdom and love. You will know you are expressing the divinity of the Soul through your Higher-Self, and others will know it also. Know that, I ‘KARA’ am with you always guiding you as much as you allow me too”.

Of course, being my usual suspicious self, I mentally asked “How do I know if this message isn’t coming from my Ego?  Is this wishful thinking? Can this really be my Higher-Self that I am in tune with?  As quick as a flash the next message entered my mind:

“It is your Ego personality that is doubting. Whenever there is fear or doubt, it is your Ego speaking. Your Ego is like a child that needs attention. Be kind to it, soothe it to sleep.  By the way, have you asked your ego to tell you it’s name? I jest! Your Higher-Self likes humour! laughter and joy keeps us connected!” KARA brings love, humour passion and joy into your being. We should connect more often!

By now I am totally convinced that I am indeed in-tune with my higher-Self.  I spoke a while longer with Kara before ending my meditation. I then did research the meaning of the name Kara. What I found is presented below.

Higher Self Quote


  • Cara is a female given name of Latin or Irish Kara, the alternative spelling, is from the Cornish word, meaning love.
  • The meaning of the name Kara is:
  • Kara name meaning – She Knows
  • In Norse mythology Kara is a Valkyrie. Kara served God Odin and was sent by him to the battle fields to choose the slain, who were worthy of a place in Valhalla.
  • Kara escorted Souls to Valhalla.

Ancient Egypt Mythology: Ka

  • The Ancient Egyptians believed the soul had three parts, the ka, the ba, and the akh. The ka and ba were spiritual entities that everyone possessed, but the akh was an entity reserved for only the select few that were deserving of maat kheru.
  • Ka means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’
  • Egyptians believed that a person’s soul had many parts, and that all people and the parts of their souls were sculpted from clay by the ram-headed god named Khnum. One of these parts was called the ka. The ka was a person’s double, sort of an invisible twin, which supposedly lived in the body until death. It was necessary to prevent the dead body from decaying because the ka still needed it!
  • When the person died, the ka left the body. But if the body was preserved, the ka would return so they could live again. Some tombs included model houses as the ka needed a place to live. Offerings of food and drink would be left at the tomb entrance, so the ka could eat and drink.
  • When the ka acted, all was well, both spiritually and materially. Sin was called “an abomination of the ka”. The ka could also be seen as the conscience or guide of each individual, urging kindness, quietude, honour and compassion.
  • In images and statues of the ka, they are depicted as their owner in an idealized state of youth, vigour and beauty.

Ancient Egyptian Mythology: RA

  • One of the most important deities in Egyptian mythology, the sun god Ra was the supreme power in the universe. The giver of life. (Source/God/Spirit?).
  • In some creation myths, Ra emerged from either a primeval mound or primeval waters as Ra-Atum and created Tefnut (Moisture) and Shu (Air). From this first divine pair sprang the sky goddess Nut and earth god Geb, who created the universe and gave birth to the gods Osiris*, Isis*, Set*, Nephthys, and Horus.
  • Ra appeared in many myths and legends, and stories about him varied. As the sun god, he rode across the sky in a golden ship, bringing light and warmth to all creatures living on earth. When the sun set in the evening, he descended to the underworld and brought light and air to the people who dwelled there. Each evening Ra’s servants helped him battle his eternal enemy, the mighty snake Apep (known also as Apophis – Kundalini?), who tried to swallow The Egyptian sun god Ra.


So then:

KA – Soul

RA – Source/Spirit

KARA – Soul carrier of Spirit/Source into the physical body and carrier of Souls back to Spirit/Source.

* RA is sometimes pronounced as RAY (As in sun-ray).

Kara / Karay

So appropriate don’t you think? I would love to know your thoughts about this.

Part Two – KARA My Higher-Self


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