New Moon Wishing Branch

On 21st January, three days after the first new moon of the year, me and the grand kids got creative. We spent the afternoon making our ‘wishing branches’. The pictures, trinkets, dream catchers and feathers were all symbols that represented our wishes, goals, intentions, and so on, for 2018.  I usually create a ‘vision board’ to focus my intent but decided upon a creative change for this year and roped my grand children in too. Cole age 10, and Amelie, age 5, loved every minute of our creative afternoon, and I really enjoyed it too. You can see the end results of our efforts below.

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The ‘Law of Attraction’ is said to work through such things as vision boards and wishing branches & the like. This is because, for a period of time, all your thoughts, feelings, focus  of attention and beliefs are poured into your ‘specific work of art’, which in turn, energetically imprints your ‘INTENT’ into the artifact you are working with. This is just one way to imprint your Intent into the Universe. ‘Like attracts like’ so the energy of your wishes, goals and intent, acts as a message to the universe.

All we need to do now …  Is let go of attachment and wait for the Universe to respond!

The idea behind it is to have fun while you create; enjoying what you do raises your vibrational frequency; let go of attachment – allow the Universe to respond; The more joyful and happy you are, increases your chance of matching the vibration of what it is you are wishing for. Expressing gratitude for your every day blessings also helps you to align with your goals, and wishes.  This practice is also called ‘Cosmic Ordering’.

Here are some examples of ‘Wishing Trees’  if you prefer a little more scope:

I would love to know what you think about the Law of Attraction; have you had success with it? If not, what do you think is blocking you?  If you have never tried working with the Law of Attraction but would love to give it a go, please let me know how you get on.

In love, Light, & Blessings.

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